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All tattoos are by appointment only. You must pay a $20 minimum non-refundable deposit when placing your appointment.
I.D. Policy
  1. All customers are required to have a positive photo I.D.
  2. Examples of Primary I.D.: A state photo I.D., Passport, school I.D. or a school year book.
  3. Examples of a Secondary I.D.: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate or any piece of mail addressed to the minor that is delivered to the signing parent’s address.
  4. Parent MUST be present and have their photo I.D. as well.

    We DO NOT tattoo minors regardless of parental consent!
Contact Us Services
  1. Belly Button - $45
  2. Nose Stud - $45
  3. Nose Ring - $40
  4. Tongue - $60
  5. Lip Ring 16g - $40
  6. Lip Ring 14g - $45
  7. Lip Stud, Labret or Monroe 16g - $50 / 14g - $55
  8. Ear Cartilage - Tragus, Rook, Snug 16g Ring $35 / Customer Supplied Post - $15
  9. Ear Industrial - $50
  1. Eyebrow 16g Ring - $40
  2. Eyebrow 16g Bar - $45
  3. Eyebrow 14g Ring - $45
  4. Eyebrow 14g Bar - $50
  5. Male Nipples 12g Ring - $50ea. / $75pair
    For Barbell add $5ea.
  6. Female Nipples 14g Ring - $45ea. / $70pair
    For Barbell add $5ea.
  7. Surface Piercing 14g - $60 for one,
    $30ea. additional
  8. Male / Female Genitals start at $75.00
  9. Dermal Anchors - $55 for one,
    $30ea. additional
Piercings are done on a walk in basis.
Custom Tattoos Piercings The Price Quote Dilemma Skate Shop
The dreaded call for a quote;  As a tattoo artist with over 22 years experience in tattooing nothing is ever as troubling as the customer who calls tattoo studios for price quotes. Shopping for good prices is simply put, "A Mistake”! Tattooing and body piercing is a very refined art form with no two artists ever being the same. In a state like PA where there is no regulation of tattoo studios or the artists that staff them, any customer who is shopping for a deal is setting themselves up for disaster. There is no way to quote a design without taking into consideration every possible aspect of the work required. Customers need to understand that tattooing and piercing is not fast food; you will not get the same burger at every shop. Your decision to have your tattoo or piercing done by a particular studio should be based solely upon the qualifications and abilities of that studio and “NOT” who’s got the best price! To quote an old phrase, “The bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer then the sweetness of a good price." With that being said, we will not quote prices to customers over the phone or internet. We want to assure each and every customer that we will do our best to design and complete your work within the boundaries of your spending needs.
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